Update for Friday, January 14th at 15:00

Dear Residents,

At present there are 648 verified patients in Efrat, divided amongst 460 households.
2/3 of the patients are above the age of 18, including 59 patients over the age of 60.
Many classes and ganim have repeatedly gone into isolation and have had to get tested.
The corona officials, volunteers, and Council staff are working hard to open institutional and internal antigen testing centers to help keep kids in school.

Many people are supposed to get test results over Shabbat. The Secretary of the Religious Council, Rabbi Eitan Weiss, consulted with Rabbi Riskin, and they are asking all residents who are awaiting results to leave their mobile phones on so that the Council's corona officials can send updates on Shabbat. (A phone call will be made and if there is no answer, a message will be sent.)

Due to the high number of patients, security patrols will not physically come to the houses of people who test positive and do not answer the phone, unless the patient is over the age of 70.
Rabbi Weiss also suggested that people keep their kuppat cholim app open so that they can check their results.

When answering the phone and checking the app the rabbis suggest using a ‘shinui’, a change in the usual way these actions are done. 

Public transportation: There is a shortage of drivers due to illness and isolation, and there may be disruptions in public transportation in our area next week.

All the kuppot cholim have vaccines available, including the fourth vaccine.

Please continue to wear a mask, avoid crowds in synagogues and at social events, try to avoid large gatherings, and be mindful of your symptoms.

Shabbat Shalom,
The Public Information Team