Update for Saturday,1.2.22

Dear Residents,

As of tonight there are 49 verified patients and hundreds of children who have gone into isolation.

Many patients are students and members of the educational staff, so there are consequences for the school systems in Efrat.

Parents and students received messages with specific instructions.

Since the antigen testing sites are overloaded, those who have been vaccinated and need to be tested in order to get out of isolation have several options:

1. Mobile pcr testing from the Home Front Command. Once we receive approval we will publish the date and time.


2. Antigen testing by the corona officials in the elementary schools.

Institutional antigen testing is designed to shorten isolation for those who have recovered or have been vaccinated.

This is a complex operation coordinated with the schools and the corona officials who have been certified by MDA and the Ministry of Education

In the initial stage, the tests are intended for vaccinated students and staff only who have been exposed and are required to take an antigen test.

Anyone who has received a message from the Ministry of Health or the Home Front Command must get a test at an approved site.


The tests will be given in the Matnas branches near the schools, and the students must bring their teudat zehut and either be accompanied by a parent or bring a note with parental approval.

We are working to expand the tests to ganim and high schools as well.

* Students of the Alumim School will get tested at the Ariel School in Tamar until the corona official at their school is certified.

As the week begins, we ask everyone to be careful to wear masks and maintain social distance. If your child does not feel well please do not send them to school.

The Council is here for yoוםפ