Update following isolations

Dear Residents,

We recently learned that a staff member has been diagnosed with corona.
As a result, 4 ganim in the Tamar neighborhood have gone into isolation / green classroom mode.

The "green classroom" model allows for children to continue attending school while routine testing is conducted. Participation in this model is conditional on parental approval.
Children in green classrooms are permitted to attend school, but they are in isolation when they are not in school.
A child who does not have parental permission to participate in the green classroom may not go to school and must isolate at home.

If you have not yet signed the permission slip, you may do so at the following link: https://parents.education.gov.il/prhnet/gov-education/corona/green-class

During our investigation it emerged that the tests were not carried out as required, and the existing supervisory mechanism did not catch this in time.

A new position was recently introduced in the budget of the Ministry of Education -  the Corona Supervisor in the Ganim  - to make sure that this does not happen again.

We will continue to update as the situation develops,

Wishing you good health,