Update for Motzei Shavuot, May 17th, at 23:30


Dear Residents,

At present, there are 11 residents in Efrat who have tested positive for corona. During Shavuot we learned that there are 5 more girls from 6th grade at Orot Etzion girls' school. 
The Council's investigative team and the Security Department physically visited the families of the girls who tested positive as well as an additional 20 girls from the grade who had to go into isolation in order to update them during the holiday.
Investigations have been carried out, focusing on the various groupings, busses, and informal settings.
The investigative team is in constant contact with the Ministry of Education and is acting in accordance with its guidelines.
Individual notices were sent out and will continue to be sent out to anyone who must enter insulation.
This recent outbreak in Efrat is considered abnormal due to the number of those infected from a single source.
We are working to bring in a van to test as many students as possible who have had contacts with the new patients. The tests will only be administered with parental approval. Parents will receive more information about this issue from the schools.
We ask everyone to be very strict regarding the isolation guidelines. Please get your children tested and pay attention to the symptoms - even if they are mild.
The goal is to stop the chain of infection as quickly as possible. 
In addition, we implore everyone who has not yet been vaccinated to please do so as soon as possible! Do it for yourself, your family, and for the health of our children!

We'll continue to update,
The Public Information Team