Update for Tuesday, February 9th

Update for Tuesday, February 9th

Dear Residents.

At present there are 92 verified patients in Efrat. Most of the new patients were infected outside Efrat.

In the past 2 weeks, a large percentage of new patients have been young people aged 18-22, including soldiers, national service women, and students in post-secondary educational settings.

Soldiers who were diagnosed were sent to hotels or to their homes in Efrat.

Although the official investigation of soldiers is carried out by the army, it seems that some of the private contacts were not updated. The Council's team has investigated further to make sure all private contacts have been updated and have entered into isolation.

In the last two weeks, 5 soldiers, 2 national service women, 5 mechina students, and 2 yeshiva students who are Efrat residents have tested positive.

Traffic light score:

The traffic light score is determined by the number of tests, the percentage of positive tests, and the rate of increase in verified patients.

In recent days the number of new patients in Efrat has been small, but our traffic light score is rising because of the small number of tests that are being conducted, and the high percentage of those tests that are coming back positive:

People who have been vaccinated do not have to get tested. Many of those getting tested are individuals who have symptoms, and some of those people test positive, and thus - the traffic light score rises.

The local government has demanded that the Ministry of Health recognize the percentage of those vaccinated when calculating the traffic light score. We expect to see this change in the near future.

Plan for back to school:

At this stage, the Ministry of Health is forming an outline that will allow for a gradual return to school in cities that are green and yellow, and in orange cities where the traffic light score is less than 6.5, and the percentage of vaccinators aged 50+ exceeds 70%.

The percentage of vaccinated people in Efrat aged 50+ exceeds 70%, but as mentioned, our traffic light score is high, and therefore at this stage it does not appear that the education system will open on Thursday.


We receive vaccination data from several systems, which, unfortunately, are not fully synchronized. We put a lot of work into analyzing the data and making sure that the information we have matches the reality. We will soon publish a special update on the local vaccine trends and explain their impact on all residents.

We encourage everyone who is eligible to go get vaccinated!

We'll continue to update,

The Public Information Team