Update for Thursday, February 4th


Dear Residents,

There are currently 84 verified patients in Efrat, including 14 new patients diagnosed today.

The Council's investigative team has questioned everyone, and private contacts have been notified.

A special education class in Aseh Chayil has gone into preventive isolation until test results are received from a student with symptoms whose parents have tested positive.

Our investigations reveal that the new infections in the last two weeks originated outside Efrat:

In workplaces, and many young people have been infected in the army, in mechinot, seminaries, and yeshivot. These individuals come home for their isolation and sometimes infect their families.

In accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Health, starting this morning, vaccines are now available for the entire population aged 16 and over. The kuppot cholim in Efrat are making a heroic effort to vaccinate everyone who is interested as quickly as possible, and we are grateful to them.

Fortunately, our residents are getting vaccinated! Close to 50% of the general population has been vaccinated, and about 70% of the total population is allowed to get vaccinated (they are over the age of 16).

Accordingly, we are seeing a gradual decrease in the age of new patients.

People have recovered from corona and those with specific medical issues cannot be vaccinated.

The government is currently debating the end date of the lockdown, which was scheduled to end tomorrow, Friday, at 7:00. We are following any changes, and we will update you regarding implications for the educational institutions and other services. We still ask everyone to be careful and adhere to the guidelines. We understand how difficult it is, especially after 4 weeks of lockdown, but with a joint effort can we beat the virus.

We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team