Update for Wednesday January 27 at 17:00

Update for Wednesday January 27 at 17:00

Dear Residents,

As of this moment, there are 99 verified patients (in 72 households), 9 of whom were diagnosed this morning.

The special education frameworks continue to operate, and there are currently 4 special education classes in isolation.

All patients have been investigated and private contacts have been notified.

Eitan Kroani, age 9, from the Zayit, played soccer at the Zayit Sheep Park on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from January 19-22.

Parents of children who played soccer with Eitan at these times are asked to contact Avraham: 054-4280106.

We wish Eitan and all the patients a complete recovery.

As the level of morbidity continues to be high, we continue to analyze the infection trends every few days to see if we can reduce infection.

Our analysis from Sunday to Tuesday of this week revealed the following:

19 new patients, of which 10 are from new households.

8 were infected within the family, 4 from a workplace outside Efrat, 2 from the army, 1 from a Hesder Yeshiva, and 4 do not know the source of their infection.

It seems that aside from family infection, the infections are largely coming from outside of Efrat.

The age of these patients is: 9 adults over the age of 22, 6 young adults aged 18-22, 3 students aged 6-18, one child (0-6).

There continues to be a sharp decline in the number of people getting tested. Yesterday, only 149 tests were conducted at the Home Front Command's testing center in the Machar parking lot. This small number of tests directly affects our traffic light score, as well as our ability to detect patients early, and obtain an up-to-date picture of the situation in Efrat. We urge residents to go and get tested. There are available appointments at all Kuppot Cholim, and results are usually received within 24 hours. You can make an appointment by calling your kuppah.

We continue to follow the government's decisions regarding the possible extension of the lockdown. The Department of Education is preparing for the possibility of opening educational institutions in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education. According to media reports, only a small percentage of teachers have been vaccinated. This produces challenges that must be considered.

Remember that the daily snapshot of the corona situation in Efrat can be found on the Council’s website, and a variety of activities for all ages can be found on the Matnas website.

Tu B'Shvat Sameach,

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team