Update for Monday, January 4 at 16:00


Dear Residents,

After hours of investigating, Ministry of Education has decided that the education system in Efrat will remain closed, except for special education in Efrat and special education students who attend school outside of Efrat, which will return to full activity depending on the number of staff who are available - messages will be sent privately.

Since early this morning, the Council’s Corona staff and the investigative team has been questioning 14 new patients, as well as systematically going through the data to analyze and draw conclusions about verified patients who are residents of Efrat, and teachers/educational staff who work in Efrat.

The purpose of this in-depth analysis is to try to identify trends of infection, to understand the size of the reproduction number, and to reduce and isolate circles of infection as much as possible.

As we have already published, we do not have, and will probably not receive data on which patients in Efrat have the British mutation. Even the actual patient is not aware of this. This means that we cannot determine whether or not the mutation was discovered in one of our educational institutions. We have therefore analyzed all the educational frameworks in Efrat, and we reanalyzed all the cases of families in the community with a high infection rate.

The analysis has revealed the following findings:

1. There are 5 gan and tzaharon classes where we have identified a number of contagious circles that are related to each other. We refer to these as "active chains", as patients are still being discovered who may be related to each other, and we don’t yet know if all the testing has been completed.

There is a fear that these active chains will extend to other educational institutions through family members.

In contrast to previous cases, this time we are witnessing a phenomenon where people are receiving a negative test result, only to receive a positive test result near the end of the isolation period.

2. Based on the new patients discovered today, there is concern that another gan class may have created another significant active chain that is not related to the previous one.

3. 2 centers of infection in Maonot Emunah - where the majority of those infected are staff members who are not residents of Efrat and who travel by shared transportation. We have not identified significant transmission among the children in the maonot, but a large number of the staff are in isolation.

4. On examining the data among families with a high rate of infection, we did not find that the source of infection is related to one of the educational institutions.

We are in close contact with the Ministries of Health and Education. They are formulating their position regarding Efrat schools, and we will make sure to update you as soon as possible.

We are aware of the difficulty posed by this uncertainty, and we are working to make the right decisions based on the new data and ongoing trend analysis. We are doing our best to stop the chains of infection, and to prevent isolation and infection among residents.

We will update again later today,

The Public Information Team