Update for Saturday, December 26th at 23:00


Dear Residents,

Currently there are 77 verified in patients Efrat. Baruch Hashem we experienced a quiet Shabbat. Tonight we learned of 2 more patients. Contacts were investigated and messages were sent to the schools and the parents.

As we published last week, Efrat is now a red city. Because of the lockdown guidelines that will begin tomorrow at 17:00, we still do not know if and what the consequences are for being red. This may have implications for educational institutions. We will update when things become clear.

Some of the test results from the Mateh Noar from Thursday have not yet been received due to the heavy load on the systems. The messages that should be sent out to reduce isolation times are also delayed. Please note that you cannot shorten your isolation unless you get this notice. Leaving isolation without the notice may result in fines imposed by the Israel Police. Please wait for the notice in order to avoid any unpleasantness.

In order to get approval from the Ministry of Health to shorten isolation to 10 days, individuals must receive 2 negative test results - please note that the second test must be done on the 9th day after exposure. The isolation must be reported on the Ministry of Health website.

If you decide to isolate as a family, or if a parent isolates with a child - it should be reported on the website as a companion for the person in isolation, and the isolated child must be registered.

Shavua Tov,

The Public Information Team