Update for Saturday evening, March 14 at 23:00

Dear residents,
Shavua Tov.
Update for Saturday evening, March 14 at 23:00:
In accordance with the Prime Minister’s declaration and the Ministry of Health's guidelines:

1. Kindergartens and preschools will not operate, starting tomorrow.
2. The special education system will not operate, starting tomorrow.

Social Services:
1. Senior Centers:
All senior centers including The Day Center, Mofet and the Scheinfeld Center will be closed as directed.
2. All clubs will be closed as of tomorrow.

Youth and Youth Community Center
1. All activities are canceled
2. Yafit Center is closed

The soldiers' bus will depart as planned

Open hours at the Moetza:
As of tomorrow, council offices are open as usual. It is recommended to contact the Moetza via the app - you are able to contact any of the departments by selecting the appropriate category.


Resident Information Team.

Important phones and links are provided for your convenience:

Resilience Team Leaders:
Dagan - Dana Spiegel 052-5350254
Dekel - Moti Avner 050-5231296 motiav59@gmail.com
Tamar - Esti Margaliot 050-5205797
Geffen - Aaron Hyman 054-5695614 aaron.hyman@gmail.com
Rimon/Teena - Miriam Wengrower 052-7203459
Zayit - Ro’ee Indy 0507023561

To the Ministry of Education information page - https://parents.education.gov.il/prhnet/parents/healthy-lifestyle/korona


CoronaApp  front the Health Ministry - coronaApp

For the Efrat app - Look for Efrat in the app store Register for Emergency Notices - https://ctconnect.co.il/forms/form?f=aa8884da2a4644955f2cfe579e31ba77

Phone MDA - 101, extension 2