Update for Thursday September 3rd at 20:00

Dear Residents,

At present, there are 18 verified patients in Efrat, some of them members of the same nuclear family - a total of 9 families.

The most recent 2 patients whose names were published today are students at Ashe Chayil and the middle school of Derech Avot. The students had contact with a verified patient who is not a resident of Efrat, and whose illness became known only on Tuesday evening, September 1st.

The Ministry of Education has completed the necessary investigation regarding the schools where Corona cases have been discovered. The following instructions have been issued:

1. All students and educational staff of kita ו4 in Aseh Chayil must go into isolation until Tuesday, Elul, September 15th.
2. All students in ז2 (both capsules) in Derech Avot, as well as the students who were seated near Shahar Tal on the bus on Tuesday, September 1st must enter into isolation until Tuesday September 15th,
3. Other students in the grade: ז1 and ז3 may now leave isolation and return to their normal school routine.
4. Students who are in isolation are advised to consult their family doctor to determine the need for a corona test.

A number of questions arose from residents today regarding the different types of isolation and the different guidelines given to schools in the case of a student who tests positive.

Allow us to clarify:
All residents of the country are subject to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
If the person who receives a diagnosis is a student in the education system, the Ministry of Education examines the case and guides the schools accordingly.
The younger the student is, the more lenient the guidelines are.
For example - a sick student in an elementary school will cause his class to go into preventive isolation, while a sick student in high school will cause his grade to go into preventive isolation.

What are the types of isolation?
Medical isolation - Isolation of someone who has definitely been in direct contact with a verified corona patient. Such a person will receive instructions from the family doctor and the Ministry of Health.
Defensive isolation - isolation in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education for students and educational staff members who were in the class / capsule of the sick student. Each case will be examined on its own merits.
Preventive isolation - isolation that is activated immediately upon learning of a student's illness. The class or grade enters preventative isolation until an epidemiological investigation is conducted by the Ministry of Health, and specific instructions are received from the Ministry of Education.

In the case of preventative isolation, depending on the findings of the investigation, the Ministry of Education may allow a part of the class or grade to come out of isolation.

We wish all patients a complete recovery,

We will keep you updated,
The Public Information Team