Update for Saturday night, March 21 22:50

Update for Saturday night, March 21 22:50

Dear residents,
At this time, there are 23 verified patients in Efrat, all in the Tamar neighborhood.
Below are the names of patients who tested positive for Coronavirus during Shabbat and who have agreed to reveal their names:
David Azulay
Meytav Hopper
Amichai Shenwi
Eldad Reinman

We thank the patients who have allowed us to to publish their names, and we wish everyone a speedy recovery. We ask that you refrain from contacting patients at this time.

The third, fourth, and fifth grades from the Tamar School and the staff should now be in isolation through March 26, as they may have had contact with teacher David Azulay.
David assisted in the distribution of books to the parents of students in the Tamar School on Thursday at March 12th between 20:30-21:30.
Also, those who attended the Youth Department Purim Party for 9-12th grade boys on Monday, March 9th should be in isolation.

The parents of students who attend Aseh Chayil are asked to go to the Ministry of Health website at the attached link and declare that their children are in isolation.

Tonight we learned that an Efrat resident who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus used the mikvah in the Dekel last Monday, March 16th.
Therefore, everyone who used the mikvah on Monday must enter the isolation for another 10 days.
The mikveh in the Dekel is closed from this evening.

For all the other women who used the mikvah during the week, we have conducted proper tests and there is no need to go into isolation.

Keep in mind: Anyone who has been in contact with a verified patient must be in isolation for 14 days from the last contact.

Please understand that the Ministry of Health is currently under great strain, and it will take a long time to publish the rest of the routes of patients from Efrat.

In response to requests from Efrat residents, the Moetza has established an internal investigative team that is working with patients who have agreed to reveal their names to recreate their routes.

Attached is a link to the routes published on the Council's website.

We will publish all routes as soon as possible, as well as those of patients who have received a diagnosis over the course of Shabbat.

If you are tested, we ask you to fill out the following two forms.
The details on these forms are the only information the Moetza will have about your case. These details can help speed up the testing process and conduct the route investigation.

To date, over 100 tests have been conducted for Efrat residents.
Further testing will be completed tonight and tomorrow.

Entry for workers:
In accordance with the instructions from the army, and in light of the situation, tomorrow, Sunday March 22nd and until further announcement, workers will be allowed up to age 50 for the following areas:
A. Local sanitation - cleaning, garbage, sewage and the like.
B. Essential Services - Grocery stores and Food Services

Workers cannot enter for:
A. Construction / Renovation.
B. Household needs, gardening and cleaning.

Garbage disposal for families in isolation:
You can take out your garbage provided you do not meet or interact with other residents.
Wash your hands before and after taking out the garbage disposal.
The garbage should be put in an airtight sealed or tied bag.
Throw out the bag when it is only 70% full, and throw it out at least once a day.
The bag should be emptied into a central container / tin.
Take care that your garbage does not get scattered in public spaces.

Remember that you are not alone!
Mental Health professionals from the Moetza have established hotlines to assist you: 02-9939333 / 02-9939370

Wishing you a healthy week,
Public Information Team