Daily update, Sunday March 22 As of 13:00

Daily update, Sunday March 22 As of 13:00

Dear residents,
Since the last update, two more Tamar residents have been diagnosed:
Chaim Adler
Moshe (Mosh) Berkowitz

The route of Harel Tal from class 2ב at the Tamar School is attached. On Thursday March 12th he was at the school and at tzaharon.

We thank those who have agreed to publish their names, and we wish everyone a speedy recovery.
Please respect the privacy of those who have been diagnosed and avoid contacting them at this time.

It is important for us to emphasize that the Ministry of Health does not share data on the number of patients or their locations.
In order for us to assess and assist patients and their families in the best possible way, we need you to update us directly through the Moked or through the Neighborhood teams. Your information will only be published if you sign the confidentiality waiver form.

Patients who have been diagnosed and who are currently at home are strictly prohibited from leaving the house!

Please note: Anyone who has been in contact with a verified patient must be in isolation for 14 days from the last contact.

There is a page on the council's website that is dedicated entirely to issues of Corona - updates, routes, guidelines and more:

If something is missing from this page, please let us know and we will add to it.

Womens Mikvahs - Updated guidelines will be sent out later in the day.

We have checked with the food suppliers in Efrat, and all report that they are well stocked.

Starting tomorrow, workers will be allowed to enter Efrat only through the city gates and not through the workers' gate.
We are reminding you that only workers up to age 50 may enter, and for the following reasons only:
A. Local sanitation - cleaning, garbage, sewage and the like.
B. Essential services - Grocery stores and food services

Workers cannot enter for:
A. Construction / Renovation.
B. Household needs, gardening and cleaning.

Garbage disposal:
For families where both parents are sick: the garbage must be placed outside their door at 09:00, and council workers will consult their lists and remove the garbage accordingly.
Any family with 2 sick parents who has not received a call from council representatives is asked to contact the moetza through the app with the category ‘Inquiries about Corona’

Garbage disposal for families in isolation:
You can take out your garbage provided you do not meet or interact with other residents.
Gloves and a mask must be worn.
Wash your hands before and after taking out the garbage disposal.
The garbage should be put in an airtight sealed or tied bag.
Throw out the bag when it is only 70% full, and throw it out at least once a day.
The bag should be emptied into a central container / tin.
Take care that your garbage does not get scattered in public spaces.

Today, workers from the Shefa department will begin disinfecting central locations in the Tamar neighborhood.

Remember that you are not alone!
Mental Health professionals from the Moetza have established hotlines to assist you: 02-9939333 / 02-9939370

Wishing you a good week,
Public Information Team