Daily Update Monday, March 23rd at 16:00

Daily Update Monday, March 23rd at 16:00

Dear residents,

As of today, there are 30 diagnosed cases in Efrat, all in the Tamar neighborhood.
Out of communal responsibility, the following people agreed to allow us to publish their names:

Avichai Meir
Oz Gold
Yotam Natanel

We thank those who are allowing us to publish their names, and we wish everyone a speedy recovery.
Out of respect for their privacy, please avoid contacting patients at this time.

In order for us to assess and assist patients and their families in the best possible way, we are relying on you to update us directly through the Moked or through the Neighborhood Teams. Your information will only be made public if you sign the confidentiality waiver form.

Patients who are recovering at home are strictly prohibited from leaving the house!
Please note that if you have been tested and are awaiting your results, you and your family members must remain in isolation until you receive your test results.

Remember: Anyone who has been in contact with a verified patient should go into isolation for 14 days from the last contact.

Last night, the Health Ministry launched the "Magen" app, which lets you know if you were near Corona patients.

The app checks your location history against the location history of those who have been diagnosed to see if you were in the same place at the same time.

The app is available in five languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian and Amharic. Download Magen in the app Store.

Yesterday, departmental workers in the Shefa department disinfected major centers in the Tamar and Zayit.
Even though the areas are being steam cleaned, we are instructing everyone to stay at home according to the Ministry of Health guidelines, and not to leave the house unnecessarily.

Mikvah: All womens Mikvahs are open, for the full announcement on the hours and instructions, please see the attached link: http://efrat.muni.il/…

Garbage disposal - If you are in isolation and you do not have masks and gloves, you are asked to wear a scarf or any other mouth cover and use the foot pedal when taking out your garbage.

Yesterday, at the request of residents, all the books in the various Efrat reading stations were collected. Please refrain from bringing books to these stations until things return to normal.

A list of local businesses that are open for delivery and pickup can be found on Facebook and on the council website:

Remember that you are not alone!
Mental Health professionals from the Moetza have established hotlines to assist you: 02-9939333 / 02-9939370

Dear residents,
We are here for you, if you need information or assistance, or if you would like to thank local volunteers, please let us know. Contact us through facebook, the app or via email.

The Public Information Team