Daily Update, Tuesday March 24th at 14:00

Daily Update, Tuesday March 24th at 14:00

Dear residents,

At this time we know of 32 patients in Efrat, one in the Rimon neighborhood and the rest in the Tamar.
We thank the residents who have informed us of their illness and who have allowed us to publish their names, and we wish everyone a quick and full recovery.
Out of respect for their privacy, please avoid contacting patients at this time.

In order for us to assess and assist patients and their families in the best possible way, we are relying on you to update us directly through the Moked or through the Neighborhood Teams. 

Patients who are recovering at home are strictly prohibited from leaving the house!

Please note that if you have been tested and are awaiting your results, you and your family members must remain in isolation until you receive your test results.

Remember: Anyone who has been in contact with a verified patient must enter isolation for 14 days from the last contact.

The Ministry of Health and MADA have reported  that Drive In tests are opening at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem. Residents who are waiting to be tested will be notified by MADA with instructions on how to get there. If you are unable to go to Teddy Stadium, please call the MADA line at 101 extension 2 and request a home test. 
MADA's volunteer staff will work with the Moetza to continue testing in Efrat for those who are unable to go to Jerusalem.
For any problem, please contact Abba Richman at 052-6071784
We are continuing to disinfect the neighborhood. Another round of disinfection is being carried out in the Tamar neighborhood today by the Fire and Rescue team. You do not have to shut your windows.

Despite the disinfection, we are asking you to abide by the Ministry of Health guidelines and to stay in your homes!

The Dish Mikvahs throughout Efrat have been disinfected, and guidelines regarding the women's Mikvahs are updated on the council's website.

"Yad B’Yad"  has asked that we avoid bringing items and clothing for donation until further announcement.

We will continue and update
Public Information Team