Update on new patient 24/03/2020 23:00

Dear residents, during the past hours it was brought to our attention the Chagay Elitzor from the Tamar neighborhood was tested positive for Corona.

We thank him for agreeing to publicize his name and  whereabouts so anyone that cam in contact with him could go into isolation immediately. Shabbat 14.3 Maariv at the Tamar Merkazi shul.Shabbat morning at Achdut Israel. Mincha at the Merkazi in Tamar and Maariv Saturday night at the Eluel Minyan that probably took place at the Segal's home.
Since Wednesday he has been in isolation.

In addition, a number of subjects received answers from the Ministry of Health today.

The Ministry of Health is under heavy pressure and is unable to research and publish the routes of those that are infected.
This delay means that people who have been in close contact with the newly infected  patients are unaware that they need to go into immediate isolation to protect themselves and their environment from this virus.

 As a step of mutual guarantee and concern for relatives and neighbors and the Efrat community,
 And in order for us to prepare and assist patients and their families in the best possible way, we need you to keep us informed of any positive results that you might recieve,  directly through our Security Center at 1700-70-5000 or through the neighborhood emergancy team (צח"י).

Even if you do not want to reveal your name,that is fine  , but  it is of the utmost importance to understand the path you have taken in the last few days in order for anyone who has been in contact with you to get into isolation.

 We would like to thank the residents who have helped us cope with the spread of the corona virus and wish everyone  a speedy and healthy recovery