Daily update for Wednesday March 25th at 15:00


Dear residents,

At this time, the number of confirmed patients in Efrat has increased to 35. 33 of them are in the Tamar, 1 is a resident of the Rimon, and 1 is a resident of the Dagan.
We thank them for agreeing to publish their names, and we wish them a complete recovery.
The details that are known to us about their routes are available on the council's website.

In order for us to prepare and assist patients and their families in the best possible way, we rely on you to let us know if you receive a diagnosis. Please contact us directly through the Security Center 1700705000 or through the neighborhood teams.
Even if you do not want to reveal your name, it is of the utmost importance that you tell us the route you have taken in the last few days, so we can inform those who have been in contact with you to enter into isolation.

Please note that if you are awaiting test results, you and your family must remain in isolation until you receive an answer.
Residents who are finished with their isolation period are still required to continue to follow the Ministry of Health's guidelines.

Tomorrow, Thursday March 26th from 10:00 to 16:00 Efrat is hosting a big balcony party! DJ Itzik and Hani Natura will ride in Efrat's Joy Mobile to spread happiness throughout the neighborhoods!
For more information go to the Matnas Facebook page.

We have expanded the Corona page of the Council website, and you can now find more information about preparing for Pesach, mikvahs, minyanim and more: