Update on new patients 25/03/2020 19:00


We have just learned that four members from one family in the Dekel neighborhood have tested positive for the Coronavirus.
The family has requested that we not disclose their name, but they have agreed to publish their course. We respect their wishes.

Their activities prior to their entry into isolation had them in contact with a limited number of people who have already been updated and sent into isolation.
However, they did attend mincha and maariv at the Ohel Shimon and Esther Shul on Thursday, March 19th between 17:40-18:20. And they then went to Rami Levi.
Anyone who attended this minyan or was in Rami Levi after 18:20 on March 19th is asked to enter the isolation until Thursday April 2nd.
We wish a complete recovery to all the family members and to all those who are ill.