Daily update for Thrsday March 26th at 8:30

Update for Thursday March 26th at 8:30

Good morning Residents,

According to our data, there are currently 41 verified cases of Corona in Efrat, and over 100 residents who have been tested and are awaiting results.

As mentioned previously, Efrat has the highest proportion of confirmed cases and tests relative to population, so we should all be aware of the symptoms of Corona and the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
Today the students of Aseh Chayil and their families are supposed to end their isolation, but according to information that we have just received, 2 of these students have now developed symptoms and are waiting to be tested.

To try to minimize the significant contagion in Efrat, we ask all parents of Aseh Chayil students to immediately report any onset of symptoms in their children. Symptoms include cough, fever, and respiratory distress.
Call MADA at 101 extension 2 to request immediate testing for the child
In order to expedite the testing, please send the following information to Abba Richman - MADA Member and Medical Coordinator of the Council at 052-6071784:

Cell phone number:
Kupat Cholim:

Families with a child who has symptoms must remain in isolation until they receive their test results.
A child who is in isolation without his family must remain in isolation until they receive the result.

Remember, you are not alone!
The council's many workers and volunteers are here to help as much as possible.
Together we can beat this virus
We will continue to update as the situation develops.

Public Information Team