Update Thursday March 26th at 15:00

Update Thursday March 26th at 15:00

Dear Residents,
At this time we are aware of 40 verified cases of Coronavirus throughout Efrat. More than 100 residents are awaiting their test results.
Since the last publication, out of communal responsibility, two more patients have joined the list of residents who have agreed to publish their names:

Rivka Natan from Dagan
Eyal Eichel from the Tamar

Neither of them have been in public places for the past 14 days, and private messages have been sent to those with whom they may have had contact.
We thank them for agreeing to publish their names, and we wish them a complete recovery. Please respect their privacy and do not contact them at this time.

Please remember that the local council has been handling the publication of the routes taken by those who have been diagnosed, and there may be some discrepancies between the information that is available to us and the information published on the Ministry of Health website.

Mikvah - Starting today, women must make an appointment in order to use the mikvah. To schedule an appointment, please call Hadassah Lapidot at 054-9448249 between 9:00 and 14:00.
We are working on establishing a digital system and will update accordingly.

Today the Matnas organized the Joy Mobile to circle through the neighborhoods. We hope we were able to brighten your day.

Don’t forget to change your clocks! Tonight we will move the clocks forward by one hour (at 2:00 we will move them to 3:00)!

We are here for you,

The Public Information Team