Update for Friday, March 27th at 15:00


Dear residents,

Currently there are 41 verified patients throughout Efrat (in the Tamar, Dagan, Dekel and Rimon)

Anyone who has been tested and has not yet received their result should leave their cell phone on over Shabbat.

If you receive a diagnosis, please contact the security center so that they can inform the neighborhood teams and council members who are in charge of handling patients, and alert the public. Your name will not be released without your permission.

If necessary, we will send updates during Shabbat, so please leave one  phone on in every home.
If we do send an update, it will send a text message to the cell phone with a link to the full message.

Please follow the Ministry of Health guidelines and do not go to shul or hold a minyan in your home. We know it is difficult, but we ask that you avoid davening with others, even in open areas and courtyards.

Upon inspection of the food chains, with the exception of eggs, there are no items that are missing.  The lack of eggs is a national issue, and it is being handled.

Residents of Efrat, we have been through a difficult week, with growing restrictions and uncertainty. 
Observing the many acts of communal love and responsibility, and all the good deeds that took place this week strengthens our hearts and our morale.
We thank all the volunteer teams in the neighborhoods who are offering so many types of assistance.
We thank the council staff members who are working around the clock.
And  we thank you, residents, for your understanding and your words of encouragement.

 Wishing us all a calm and peaceful Shabbat.
 We will continue to update you.
 The Public Information Team