Update for March 28, 20:00

Update for March 28, 20:00

Dear residents,

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health published a document listing the amounts of patients in the various cities and communities.
According to this document, there are 46 patients in Efrat.
We know of only 42 patients, so we ask again that you inform the council if you have received a diagnosis. This is the only way we can reach out to the family of the patient, offer assistance, and conduct a route investigation for the public.

Remember -
According to the latest guidelines, no one should leave their home except for one of the approved reasons.
Attached is a summary of the guidelines published by the Ministry of Health

Please note that the Israeli police are enforcing the regulations, and on Thursday and Friday there were people who were fined for violating the guidelines.

Tomorrow we will post an updated list of local businesses who are offering delivery services. Businesses that have not yet updated us are welcome to complete this form by 10:00 tomorrow

Wishing all of us a quiet, healthy week.
The Public Information Team

Remember, you are not alone:

For your convenience, the phone numbers of the heads of the neighborhood teams are attached:

Dagan - Dana Spiegel 052-5350254

Dekel - Moti Avner 050-5231296, motiav59@gmail.com

Tamar - Esti Margaliot 050-5205797

Geffen - Aaron Hyman 054-5695614, aaron.hyman@gmail.com

Olive - Ro’ee Indy 0507023561

Rimo/Te’ena - Miriam Wengrower 052-7203459

Psychological Assistance 02-9939333 Active on Sundays from 8am to 8pm

The Social Services Division Helpline 02-9930370 operates every day from 8am to 8pm

Senior Citizens Assistance Line - 054-4280106 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.