Daily update, Sunday March 29, 2020 as of 3 p.m.

Daily update, Sunday March 29, 2020 as of 3 p.m.

 Dear residents,

We currently know of 44 verified patients in Efrat.

Due to a malfunction at the Ministry of Health, there is widespread delay in getting test results. We are therefore clarifying: A person who was tested and has not yet received a reply must remain in complete isolation until they receive an answer.
Remember, even patients that exhibit no symptoms may still infect others. 

Simply keeping our distance will help us overcome the epidemic and return to our regular routines.

Please note that the Israeli government's directives on leaving the house for unnecessary purposes are being enforced by the Israeli police in Efrat and Gush Etzion!
We know of a number of tickets that have been distributed to residents and businesses.  Adhering to the rules prevents unnecessary financial penalties and helps maintain our collective health.

Residents and business owners have been contacting us to provide them with transit permits. However, these permits are not ours to give!

Garbage Disposal - We are preparing to dispose of all garbage ahead of the upcoming holiday.
We know that Pesach cleaning is usually a great time to get rid of household items that you no longer need. However this year we ask that you avoid throwing out unnecessary items. 
 If you still must get rid of things, please note the days when we will be emptying the large beige scrap bins -  on Thursday April 2nd and Sunday April 5th.
If the bin /container is full, please  do not leave the garage outside. Find the closest bin that is not full and dispose of your garbage there.  
The library is closed - books should not be left out of the library!
Do not leave bags and items outside of Had B'yad. 
Please help us to keep the city clean.

Tomorrow we will publish a special publication containing all the information for Pesach. In the meantime, you can find some of the halachic information on hagalat kelim and more on the Council website http://www.efrat.muni.il/?CategoryID=1127

 We will continue to update you,
 The Public Information Team