Update for Monday, March30th at 14:00

Update for Monday, March30th at 14:00

Dear Residents,

We are pleased to announce that in Efrat there are now two patients who have recovered!  Several other patients are waiting for test results to determine if they are fully recovered. 

We would love to hear from patients who have been notified that they are healed. Please update us through the neighborhood teams or the moked at 1700705000.

At the same time - we are still seeing a rise in the number of new patients. As of today there are 42 cases in Efrat.

Efrat still has a very high rate of cases relative to the population, so we should all continue to obey the Ministry of Health's instructions. Do not go further than 100 meters from your home unless you are leaving for one of the specified permitted activities.

We are all responsible for eradicating the virus and reducing the spread of infection!

Verified patients in Gush Etzion:
In recent days, a number of patients in Gush Etzion have published their routes on the council's website.

Garbage Disposal:
This year we ask that you not use Pesach cleaning as a time to get rid of unwanted household items. More instructions on trash and trash removal will be sent out later today.

And another topic that needs to be discussed:
These are difficult days with increased stresses of health concerns, children at home and economic uncertainty.  Such stress greatly increases the potential for domestic violence.
Indeed, data from the Israel Police shows that since the guidelines for isolation and quarantine have begun, there have been 3 times more calls to domestic violence hotlines.

Although this is national data, we know that such things also occur here in Efrat.

So what can you do? Be alert!
Community and social responsibility during this period of isolation will save us from ourselves.
If you have any concerns regarding domestic violence, please call the police at 100 or the social services department at 02-9939370.

Information about Corona on the council website -
For your convenience, we have compiled all of the information, forms, links and archives of live activities and recordings on the Council website at the following link:

Preparing for Passover - A separate message with all the guidelines and rules for Pesach prep will come out during the evening.

Dear Efrat residents,
Our ability to deal with the virus is in your hands!
Please abide by the guidelines, out of concern for the entire community.

 Together - we will succeed!
 We will continue to update you,
 Public Information Team