Daily Update, Tuesday, March 31, 15:00


Dear Residents,

The number of patients in Efrat is high and continues to rise!
We currently have 49 verified patients (2 of whom are defined as recovering).
According to the Ministry of Health, there are 51 patients in Efrat.

If we don't act responsibly, things will not change! Simply adhering to the Ministry of Health guidelines will help us return to normal as quickly as possible.

As of today, parks and public areas have been closed off with marking tape.
The security, surveillance, and police vehicles are continuously moving throughout Efrat.
Those who violate the restrictions will be reported to the police!

We can avoid this unpleasantness by abiding by the rules. The health of our community requires all of us to respect the guidelines.

To those who have been tested -  As of yesterday, test results are being  transferred to the Kupot Cholim. This should reduce the amount of time it takes to receive a reply.
If you have been tested and have not received an answer, please contact your family doctor.

Despite what has been reported in the media, local authorities are not currently receiving information on the presence of patients, people in isolation, or people who have recovered.
We therefore request that anyone who receives a diagnosis should notify the Neighborhood Resilience Team or the Moked. That is the only way we can offer assistance and conduct a route investigation if necessary.

The patient's name will not be published without his/her consent. Patients can receive assistance from the Council even if they choose not to publish their names.

We would also love to hear from you if you have recovered!

Parenthood in the Corona Era - A Virtual Dialogue with Dr. Barbara Ash, Director of Educational Psychological Services in Efrat, Anat Hyman, Director of Paths to Parenting, and the Social Services Department of Efrat
Please send us your questions and any issues that you would like them to address by Tuesday at 21:00.

All forms can be found on the Council's website at: http://www.efrat.muni.il/?CategoryID=1132

Pesach Information can also be found on the Council's website:

We will continue to update you,

The Public Information Team