Daily Update, Wednesday. April 1, 16:00

Daily Update, Wednesday. April 1, 16:00

Dear Residents,
We currently know of 60 verified cases, 4 of whom are recovering.
The increase in the number of cases is due to people who were infected by others in their household, and not from elsewhere in the community. However, we must continue to carefully adhere to all Ministry of Health guidelines.

We are in the process of distributing activity kts to people who are in isolation, seniors, and people with special needs. These kits were purchased with generous funds from Keren Efrat, Keren Shalem, the Ministry of Social Equality, Mifal Hapayal, and individual donors. We thank all the volunteers and council workers who took part in this complicated operation, and we hope that we have been able to spread some joy during this difficult time.

This time of crisis has caused our community to create new activities and initiatives on a daily basis. The full schedule for all the zoom activities can be found on the council's website. Remember to send us information about zooms that you are running, and will add them to the site. 

An updated list of local businesses that are making deliveries will be published tomorrow, Business owners who looking for workers or who want to publish their details are invited to fill out the attached form:

The scrap bins will be emptied tomorrow,  Thursday April 2nd.

We will continue to update you,

The Public Information Team