Update for Thursday April 2nd, at 14:00

Update for Thursday April 2nd, at 14:00

Dear Residents,

At this time, 51 residents of Efrat have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.
Thankfully, 10  of them are considered to be recovered.

The distribution of patients by neighborhood is as follows:

Tamar - 33
Dagan - 2
Dekel - 8
Te’ena - 2
Rimon - 2
Efrat residents currently residing outside of Efrat: 4

We reiterate that everyone is obligated to stay at home! You may only go more than 100 meters from your home for reasons that are absolutely necessary according to the Ministry of Health guidelines. Our ability to stop the virus depends on strict adherence to the guidelines. We are aware that preparing for Pesach under these conditions is very difficult, but we must continue to be disciplined!

Council employees are working day and night to provide services during this complicated period. However, we continue to ask that you follow the guidelines that have been published regarding garbage and scrap disposal, and the guidelines from the Religious Council regarding kashering utensils for Pesach.

Remember that all Corona related information and publications can be found on the Council's website, as well as suggestions for a variety of activities, programs, and digital performances.

Public transportation will not operate on Erev Pesach or on the days of chag.
Public transportation will only operate on chol Hamoed, Sunday and Monday April 12-13 until 20:00.

Together we will succeed!

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team