daily update

Dear Efrat Residents,

A month has passed since the Corona virus entered our town. One month since our routine has been turned upside by this emergency situation. A month in which we have faced challenges to our health, our economy, our family, and our community. A month in which we developed a new vocabulary...

As we approach the Holiday of Freedom, we want to thank you for your trust in us, for your warm words, your spirit of volunteering, and your concern for others.

Thanks to your communal responsibility, we have succeeded in slowing and preventing the spread of the disease among the residents of Efrat.

A month ago, at the behest of Aharon Adler, the local medical teams were trained to do Corona testing. They soon began conducting tests and transporting them quickly to the Ministry of Health laboratories. A few days later, we began to receive the results of the tests in the Tamar neighborhood.
The Ministry of Health was delayed in providing data about the patients’ routes, but due to the willingness of local patients to reveal their names and answer the Council’s questions, we have been able to reduce the amount of people who were exposed to the virus.

Throughout the neighborhoods, residents of Efrat quickly adopted and adhered to the Ministry of Health's guidelines, and together we have been able to curb the spread of the epidemic.

To date, there are still sick people in Efrat, but no new cases have been reported to us since March 31. Unfortunately this data, and the numbers of people who have recovered are not appearing in the news, and it appears that Efrat is still amongst the cities who have the most cases of Corona per capita.

In addition to dealing with the virus, over the past month, thanks to hard work and community volunteers, Efrat has been successful in helping other municipalities throughout the country.

Throughout this trying time, we have ensured transparency and reliability. And we are asking you now, even though we have succeeded in curbing the spread of the virus, to please continue adhering to the Ministry of Health guidelines. We know that the danger of Corona still exists, and our compliance as a community will allow us to quickly resume our regular routine.

We wish you and your family a chag kasher v’sameach, good health, and a quick return to routine!

The Public Information Team

* The next daily update will be published on Friday.