Daily Update, Friday, April 10 at 12:00

Daily Update, Friday, April 10 at 12:00

Dear Residents,

The first 2 nights of Pesach passed without any incident, except for 2 fires in the garbage bins (an underground bin and a beige bin). Please do not put hot coals in the bins!!

There are currently 40 patients in Efrat and 22 who have recovered.
Please remember that we do not receive updates from the Ministry of Health. Our information comes solely from the residents, so please keep us informed about any new cases by calling the Moked or alerting the Neighborhood Teams, so that we can assist and update accordingly.

Beginning this morning, we are returning to the pre-Seder guidelines:
One may only leave Efrat for essential reasons such as grocery shopping, medications, and  transferring children between custodial parents.

Gatherings are forbidden, the shus are closed, and group davening is not allowed anywhere.
Nose and mouth coverings should be worn when out in public (on Sunday there will be a mandatory directive to wear a mask).

There are no shortages in the food stores, and many of the local grocery stores have extended their hours of operation. On Friday and Erev Chag they will be open until 14:00.
On Chol Hamoed, the Zayit Makolet and Super Deal in the Dekel will be open until 14:00.
The Geffen Makolet will be open until 18:00.
The Coop Shop in the Te’ena will be open until 21:00.

Shabbat Shalom,
The next update will be published on Sunday
The Public Information Team