Daily Update, Tuesday, April 14, 12:00

 Daily Update, Tuesday, April 14, 12:00

Dear Residents,

In accordance with the Prime Minister's guidelines, from Tuesday at 17:00 until Thursday at 05:00 no one is allowed to leave Efrat or travel in between cities. This will be especially enforced on Motzei Chag!
Grocery stores and restaurants will not be open on Motzei Chag.
No one can go more than 100 meters from his/her home.
Workers in essential workplaces, those with medical/legal needs, and those involved in custody exchanges will be allowed to leave Efrat.
Public gatherings are forbidden, the shuls will remain closed, and minyanim are forbidden in houses, streets and public places.
There is no public transportation. It will resume on a limited schedule on Thursday morning.
We understand that these restrictions are difficult, but we urge everyone to follow them closely in order to preserve the health of the community.

There are currently 26 patients in Efrat who are in various stages of recovery, and 37 patients who have completely recovered.
Although we seem to have successfully contained the virus, and there is talk of an "exit plan", we do not yet know when restrictions will be lifted. We do know that the return to routine will take weeks and even months.
During Chol HaMoed, Council employees "translated" the guidelines of some government ministries into operations, however, the guidelines are not yet final, and there is still much that is unknown.
We recently distributed a questionnaire that gives residents the opportunity to share thoughts and feedback that will allow us to serve the community better.
If you have not filled out the questionnaire, we ask that you please do so now.

We wish you and your family good health and a happy holiday.

The Public Information Team
The next update will be published on Thursday