Daily Update, Thursday, April 16th, 14:00

Dear Residents,

To date, there are 25 known patients in Efrat, and 38 who have recovered.
The data from the Ministry of the Interior still shows that there are 64 patients here, as it does not reflect the number of people who have recovered.

Starting this morning, we have returned to the restrictions that allow us to go 100 meters from home. One can go beyond 100 meters if they are an essential worker, or for grocery shopping, medical or legal needs, and custody exchanges.
Public transportation is operating on a limited schedule. Minyanim and prayer groups are not to be held in public spaces. It is important to wear a mask every time you leave your home.

Over the holiday, we received numerous reports of people violating the guidelines in the various neighborhoods. Please know that Council workers and Neighborhood Team members are not the correct addresses for violation reports, rather, these reports should be directed to the Israeli police, which is charged with enforcing the guidelines. Please follow the guidelines to avoid any inconveniences.

Residents of Efrat, despite the growing difficulty, each and every one of us is responsible for adhering to the guidelines. Our communal responsibility is being tested, and we must rise to the occasion. Any unnecessary trips and gatherings endangers our family and our community.

At this time, it is still unclear when things will return to normal. Obviously, the process of going back to routine will be slow and measured, and we should not expect a complete return to routine for a while. We will follow the guidelines determined by the Ministry of Health, and we await the instructions of the various government ministries. We will update accordingly.

The Matnas and the Youth Department  are preparing for the upcoming national holidays and ceremonies: Yom HaShoah, Yom HaZikaron, and Yom HaAtzmaut. Naturally, the preparations are quite different this year. Details and invitations to the local ceremonies can be found on the Council's website.
Throughout Pesach, we kept in touch with the Senior population of Efrat.  We are grateful for the many volunteers who made phone calls, distributed food packages, helped with grocery shopping, and delivered medical supplies.
The Efrat Pharm pharmacy is once again doing deliveries. Details on local businesses that provide delivery can be found on the Council website.

Together we will succeed!
We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team