Daily Update Friday, April 17th, 14:00

Dear Residents,

As of today there are 25 patients in Efrat, and 38 who have recovered.

During Pesach, there were many reports of gatherings throughout Efrat.
We understand that the difficulty of maintaining the restrictions increases over time.
We urge you to remember that the purpose of these guidelines is to maintain health and save lives. Guideline violations cause tension in the community at a time when communal responsibility is particularly important.
The Coronavirus will eventually go away, but its effects may linger, and so we ask you again to stick to the guidelines, do not cut corners, and try to give your neighbors the benefit of the doubt.  We will overcome this challenging period by working together.

Women's Mikvahs - Starting on Sunday, April 19, one can use the Mikvah by appointment only. To make an appointment please use the following website: https://efratmikvah.org/.

One does not need an appointment to use the mikvah on Friday night. Those who are using the Mikvah on Friday night are asked to bring a note with their name and cell phone number on it.

Women of the Dagan and Tamar who wish to use the Mikvah on Friday before shabbat should make an appointment at the Dekel mikvah.
For any questions or concerns please call Marilyn 052-643-3072.
Tomorrow evening the government is expected to issue new guidelines that will help get the economy back to normal.
We will update you once the government decisions have been published.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,
The Public Information Team