Update for Sunday, April 19th at 15:00


Dear Residents,

We currently have 24 known patients in Efrat and 39 who have recovered.
No new patients have been reported to us in nearly two weeks.
This positive trend fits well with the trend of containment that has occurred on a national level, leading to a significant decline in new cases of the Coronavirus. Because the public has largely adhered to the rules, maintained strict hygiene, and worn masks and gloves, an easing of restrictions went into effect this morning.

As part of the easing of restrictions, Minyanim can now be held with up to 19 people in open spaces, with individuals wearing masks and maintaining a distance of 2 meters from each other. Businesses can be opened in a variety of fields in accordance with the attached instructions, sporting activities can be held in pairs up to 500 meters, etc.

Attached is a document summarizing the new guidelines and a file of guidelines from the Religious Council.

At this time it is important to remember that the significant infection in Efrat began with a simple Purim seudah. Our success in curbing and stopping the virus locally is a result of your strict adherence to the guidelines and restrictions.These days of reduced restrictions are a test period. If we do not obey the guidelines, we may find ourselves amidst another outbreak that will cause additional closures and restrictions.

While the various government ministries are publishing the new public directives and guidelines, we continue to formulate community programs that will be announced as soon as possible.
There is no public reception in the council's offices, as per the Ministry of the Interior's instructions. You can contact the council in the following ways: by phone, email or app.

Water Break in the Dagan -
Tomorrow,  Monday April 20th from 9:30-12:00 there will be a break in water service in the Dagan. Please prepare accordingly.

Last week we distributed a questionnaire to residents. We are currently analyzing the answers, and it appears that there is a request to convey all the information in the messages in the app, without the help of a link. In light of these requests, we will be posting the entire message on the app this week. We would love to hear if this makes it easier to receive the information - please let us know via email, mokeds@efrat.muni.il/application, or you can comment on this post.

Remember, all of these updates are also available on the Council's website (under the heading: Corona Info-Daily Update).

We are with you during this complex time. Please remember that you are not alone. You can contact the Social Services Department's helpline every day from 9:30-20:00 at 02-9939370

Together we will continue to succeed!
The Public Information Team