Daily Update, Tuesday April 21, 15:30

Daily Update, Tuesday April 21, 16:00

Dear Residents,

There are currently 19 known cases of Coronavirus in Efrat, and 44 patients who are in various stages of recovery.

Due to great efforts by the Council and the Ministry of Education, starting Wednesday, April 22nd, supervisors and staff in the schools and preschools will be opening special education frameworks in Efrat, in accordance with the guidelines. This will enable students who qualify for special ed to get back on a schedule that will be helpful for them and their families while maintaining the health of both students and staff.

The curriculum includes children who are in special education classes, and those who are integrated into regular classes.

Starting tomorrow, Efrat will open for these students:

Primary Schools:
Aseh Chayil (this will also include special education students from both of the schools in the Tamar neighborhood)
Oror Etzion Boys School (will also include special education students from Orot Etzion Girls School and grades 1-3)

High School - Derech Avot

Ganim - 6 classes of special education preschools.

Individual mapping was carried out for each student whose parents expressed a desire to be included in this special program. Each student was given a framework which takes into account all the variables and guidelines. Each family will receive detailed instruction from the school  regarding the days and hours their child will be attending, since the return to school will occur on a limited schedule, with no more than 3 children at a time.

Each group will have 2 staff members. There will be no contact between the groups, each will have their own bathroom and their own space for recess. Each group will be monitored closely while entering and exiting the building, and strict attention will be paid to hygiene and all the guidelines from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.

It is important to emphasize:
* Participation of a student in the special education program during this time of Corona is conditional on parental consent, written approval, and a daily health statement.

* Students can attend class tomorrow (April 22nd) only if the parent has been in contact with the teacher. Teachers are to be contacting parents today, Tuesday, April 21.

* The Ministry of Education does not provide transportation, so parents are responsible for getting their children to and from school.

Despite the above, the Council is working to arrange transportation for gan staff who do not live in the immediate vicinity, in order to make sure that everything runs as planned.

Attached is a file detailing the opening and the procedures of the special ed frameworks.

We wish great health and success to all the students and teaching staff who are returning to school. We hope that the entire education system will be back in full swing soon.

The public library is currently open for "pre-ordering".  The full details can be found on the council's website: http://www.efrat.muni.il/?CategoryID=1122

We will continue to update you,
The Public Information team