Update for Monday, May 4th at 15:00

Dear Residents,

There is currently only one patient in Efrat, and 62 who have recovered.

Today more than 70 percent of 1st-3rd graders went to school without incident.  We are preparing to bring students in 11th and 12th grades back to school, but the announcement is being delayed because of the difficulty regarding transportation for students that come from a distance. We will continue to update as the situation develops. The ganim are also preparing to reopen next week, subject to the government's final decision.

Starting tomorrow, senior citizens of Efrat are invited to come outside and spend time in the park in front of the shul in the Rimon. This park will be open to seniors only. The younger community is asked to avoid coming to this park at all hours of the day. The Council will clean the benches every morning. Please note: Visitors to the park must maintain personal hygiene and social distance from other visitors. Additional parks in other neighborhoods will be designated for seniors in the near future.

Despite the opening of schools and businesses, we understand that the upcoming period will be a test period for decision makers. Of course, we all pray that the success we have had in dealing with the Coronavirus in Israel will continue, that patients will recover and there will be no further infection. However, we must also prepare for the possibility that we will experience  another wave of infection. We must take advantage of this time to strengthen our personal, family, and community resources, and learn from the experience we have already gained. We must remember that Israeli decision-makers were early to close down businesses and enforce other restrictions, and because of their foresight we are now beginning to return to normal. We must continue to adhere to the guidelines that tell us to wear masks and maintain social distance so that the health of the country continues to improve and does not backslide.

We anticipate that with the easing of the restrictions there will be an increase in requests for Corona tests. It is important that you update the moked or the Neighborhood Teams if you receive a positive diagnosis. We were able to quickly curb the significant wave of infection in Efrat, mainly due to the patients who agreed to publish their names and routes, thus notifying anyone who had contact with them to enter into isolation. Now requests for testing are being made through the family doctor. Maccabi is the only provider that performs the tests in Efrat. The other providers send subjects to Beitar and Jerusalem.

Please remember - the Council offices are not open for in-person meetings. Coming to the office endangers your health and the health of our workers. You can contact the Council by phone, email, or via the app.

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team