Daily Update for Wednesday May 6th, 14:30

Dear Residents,

Over the past few days we have received many questions on various topics such as going back to school, opening business, entry of workers, and returning to normal. We are doing our best to respond quickly, but in many cases, lack of guidance from the various ministries causes a delay in our response. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have a question or the need to clarify a particular topic. We will make sure to relay your question to the appropriate officials, and we will work to get an answer.

Ganim - According to the Ministry of Education's plan, Ganim will reopen in a limited format starting this Sunday. On Friday, we will issue an update that addresses all the latest details and instructions.

Maon - We are in contact with the Ministry of Health and Emunah, and we have not yet received instructions that would permit the facilities to open.

School Transportation - We are continuing to pressure the school transportation system to resume operations as stipulated in the agreement.

Tzaharon - There is currently no permit to run either private or public Tzaharonim.

Gyms - According to the Ministry of Health’s "Exit Plan", gyms are scheduled to open tomorrow. However, no instructions have yet been sent on what adjustments the gyms need to make, so they will not be opening tomorrow.

Library - The library has reopened in the form of pickup and drop off of books, according to the guidelines.

Entrance of Workers - Businesses who want to bring in workers should contact ravshatz2@efrat.muni.il, and we will try to obtain a special permit for them. Entry of workers into private homes or gardens is still prohibited.

You can find the Ministry of Health's plan to return to routine on the Council's website: http://efrat.muni.il/_Uploads/dbsAttachedFiles/sagol.pdf

We again remind everyone to adhere to the rules of social distancing -  stay 2 meters away from others, wash your hands, and wear masks!

We will continue to update,
Public Information Team