Daily Update, Monday May 11th, 17:00


Dear Residents,

Please remember that bonfires are not allowed in public areas. Gatherings are allowed for up to 50 people.

In accordance with the military's instructions, we are pleased to announce the complete return of Palestinian workers to Efrat, including into private homes and areas. Workers must maintain a proper distance, wear a mask and have their temperature taken. The workers' gate is open from 6:00-17:00.

Parks and Playgrounds - At this time parks with fitness equipment are open, but playgrounds are not yet open. Playgrounds are expected to open on May 31st. 

The men’s mikvah in the Rimon is open Sunday-Friday mornings from 6:00-9:00. Appointments must be made in advance. To make an appointment please send a message with your full name and the desired time to 050-9761803, by 20:00 the previous evening. 
The showers in the place mikvah are closed - those who are using the mikvah must shower prior to arrival.

Sports - The Matnas sports department has begun to resume activity. Members of the gym and Yafit will be notified about how to sign up.
Residents who are not interested can contact the Matnas for detailed information 02-9932936

School on Lag Ba'Omer - The Education Department is still working to find a solution to open ganim on Lag Ba’Omer. According to the plan, two assistants will be placed in each of the ganim. Messages will be sent out in an orderly fashion as soon as the situation is finalized.

We are currently editing the upcoming edition of the Efraton, and we invite you to be a part ofit!. Please send your stories, pictures, and experiences to itamor@gmail.com.

Wishing you a happy holiday!

The Public Information Team