Update for Friday, May 15th at 13:00

Update for Friday, May 15th at 13:00

Dear Residents,

Next week the education system will return to its regular routine, in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s guidelines and instructions, which can be seen here:

Ganim- On Sunday, all of the Ganim in Efrat will return to their full schedule. The staff will be  waiting for the children starting from 7:30.

Elementary Schools - On Sunday the schools will continue to learn in the same format as last week. (Only grades 1-3 and special education students will attend school.)
On Monday, students in grades 1-8 will return to their regular schedules in the following schools: 
Aseh Chayil, Orot Etzion Boys, Orot Etzion Girls, Chativa Tziera, and both schools in the Tamar. 

High Schools - On Sunday and Monday, grades 11 and 12 will continue in the same format they have had until now. Beginning on Tuesday all the high schools in Efrat will be back to their full schedule.
Neve Shmuel will send an update about the dorms.
Grades 7-9 at Derech Avot will also return to their regular schedule on Tuesday.

Tzahron for the Ganim - In accordance with the current Ministry of Education guidelines, Tzahron can be opened with one classroom.
The following Tzaharonim will open on Sunday: 
Keshet (not including the mechina students)
Hadas (not including the mechina students)

The following Tzaharonim will not open at this time:
We will update you if there are any changes.

Busses will follow the same format of the past week. On Sunday we will send out bussing information for the future. 

Tzaharon for Schools: Guidelines have not yet been issued for the school Tzaharonim. We will update you as soon as we have more information.
Please note that it is not currently mandatory for children to go back to school. Those who have any doubts or who want to take extra precautions are not obligated to attend.

The Mikvaot are also returning to their regular routine.
The women’s mikvah in the Rimon will open on Sunday, May 17,
Sunday - Thursday 20:30-21:30
Motzei Shabbat -  21:00-22:00
Friday night - the mikvah will be open for 25 minutes starting half an hour after Shabbat begins.
Appointments are required  for all the mikvaot (except for on Friday nights), and can be made at the following site: http://Efratmikvah.org

The men's mikvah in the Rimon is also open. Appointments are required, and can be made at the following site: Efratmikvah.org/mens

We will continue to update,
Shabbat Shalom, 
The Public Information Team