Daily Update for Sunday May 17th at 16:00

Dear Residents,

We are expecting an extreme heatwave this week. At the request of the Fire Commissioner we are reminding everyone not to light fires in open places, whether public or private.
Work with fire, such as welding or cutting with a disc saw, should not be performed.
If you see a fire, call the fire department at 102, or the Moked at 1-700-70-5000 / 1208.

Today the ganim are back to their full schedule. The elementary schools and high schools will return tomorrow.
This week, dismissal time at Aseh Chayil will be at 14:00. The Yeshivot will operate between 7:30-13:20, and the Ulpanot will operate from 8:00-13:20.

Tzaharon - Despite the full return of the ganim, the Ministry of Education guidelines do not yet allow students from different ganim/classrooms to be mixed together in the afternoons. Therefore, private and public Tzaharonim that draw children from multiple ganim/classrooms cannot be opened at this time.

The HaEla Tzaharon will reopen tomorrow.

School busses - All school busses are expected to return to their full schedule tomorrow. Hours of operation and routes appear on the Council's website:http://efrat.muni.il/_Uploads/dbsAttachedFiles/hasco.pdf

Shuls - We are receiving many inquiries regarding the opening of the shuls. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health's guidelines do not yet allow them to open and, as of now, we have not been told when the shuls can be expected to open.

The tennis courts in the Geffen are back in use. Please check with the Matnas for details.

The annual bike trip from Kiryat Arba to Jerusalem will take place this Friday, in memory of Isaac Buenish, z’l. An update with a list of road closures will be sent later this week.

While we are gradually returning to our normal routines, we remind you that masks are still required as well as social distancing of 2 meters between people. Playgrounds are still prohibited, and crowds of 50 people are allowed in open spaces.

Please maintain your personal hygiene, and update your family doctor if you develop any symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell.

Have a wonderful week,
We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team