Daily Update for Monday, May 18th at 18:00

Dear Residents,

This morning it was discovered that there is a Coronavirus patient in the Tamar neighborhood.
Unfortunately, we have no information beyond the fact that the family has been in isolation since the diagnosis and the children have not attended school.

Please remember that we are in a complicated situation. When we do not receive updates from families that have been diagnosed, we cannot offer assistance, we cannot determine and publish the patient’s route, and we cannot inform others who may have been exposed to enter into isolation. If you were tested and received a positive diagnosis, please update us through the Neighborhood Teams or the Moked.

We ask that everyone continue to follow the guidelines: maintain social distance and personal hygiene, and wear a mask so we can all be safe and protected.

Today the schools and busses went back to their routines. We are so pleased to see that you have faith in us and in the educational teams!

Yesterday, 9 Tzaharonim opened, and today the HaElah Tzaharon opened as well. Tomorrow, the Afikim Tzaharon will open (for children in the Afikim Gan only) as will the Netafim Tzaharon (for children in the  Netafim Gan only). The children from the mechinot are able to join the Keshet and Hadas Tzaharonim. The Keshet and Hadas Tzaharonim will operate according to the ‘capsule’ guidelines.

The current heatwave has increased the presence of pests such as mosquitoes and flies. The Shefa Department is working on pest control. We request that you do not leave standing water sources - cover up wading pools, and do not leave out trash or open garbage bags.

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team