Daily Update for Tuesday, May 19th at 17:00


 Dear Residents,

Due to the heatwave affecting Israel, temporary approval has been given for students to remove their masks in classrooms in non-air conditioned buildings and in public spaces from today until Friday, May 22nd, so long as there are no gatherings on the premises.

As per the new guidelines, starting tomorrow all tzaharonim for the ganim will open as normal. We don't yet have an update on the school tzaharonim.

Shuls: At this stage, we have not yet received any formal guidelines that allow the opening of shuls or the holding of group Tefila in enclosed spaces. Therefore, Tefila is still allowed in open areas with up to 50 people, while maintaining a distance of 2 meters and wearing a mask. We are following the publications, and we will update if there are changes.

Public transportation - Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, May 20th, the restriction regarding the number of passengers per bus will be eliminated during rush hour, from 07:00-08:30 and 13:00-15:00.

As part of our initiative to support local businesses, please note that there is a page on the Council's website where local businesses can advertise. Business owners who are interested can register at this link: https: //ctconnect.co.il/forms/form? F = bd33f3b90b7b325cd995c54512f781cc

This Friday will be the annual bike trip from Kiryat Arba to Jerusalem in memory of Isaac Buenish, z’l. The bikers will leave from Kiryat Arba at 05:40 and end in Armon HaNatziv in Jerusalem. Updates on road closures will be published as soon as they have been approved.

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team