Update for Sunday, July 12th, 21:30

Dear Residents,

There are currently 6 residents of Efrat who have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Out of communal responsibility, Binyamin Wiesel from Dekel Gimmel has agreed to publish his name.
On Monday, July 6th Binyamin davened Maariv at the Ashmarot Avraham Synagogue.
On Tuesday, July 7th he davened Shacharit, Mincha, and Maariv at the Ashmarot Avraham Synagogue. Binyamin was wearing a mask during all the minyanim, he kept distance from others, and was seated next to an open window. We ask everyone to respect his privacy and to refrain from contacting him at this time.
In accordance with the general guidelines anyone who has been in contact with a verified patient should enter isolation for 14 days from the last contact. We recommended consulting the Ministry of Health hotline at 5400 * to receive personal instructions. Messages have been sent to those who are known to have had contact with him.

These who have had contact with the other patients have also been informed.
We wish all patients a complete and speedy recovery.

Since the Ministry of Health is under a great deal of strain and is unable to investigate patients’ routes in order to notify those with whom they have had contact in a reasonable timeframe, we have set up a discreet investigative team that begins its inquiry as soon as it receives word from the Moked or the Neighborhood Team that there is a verified patient.

Contacts of the verified patient will then be investigated. If the contacts are personal, the investigative team helps the patient to inform those who must be told. If the contacts are of a more public nature, the patient will be asked to consider publishing his/her name in order to protect the community. A patient’s name will only be published if they give consent. If the patient chooses not to publish his/her name we will announce his/her route, the locations and times when the patient was in public areas. These announcements tend to be more general, and they raise many questions from residents who have been in those areas.

Please understand: whether or not the patient chooses to reveal his/her name, it is very important that he/she tell us that they have received a positive diagnosis through the Moked or the Neighborhood Teams. This will allow us to understand the level of sickness within our community, help us to allocate our resources appropriately, and enable us to keep our information current.
The difference between a municipality that is in control of the disease and one that loses control is information.
As of this stage, you, the residents, are the most important and up-to-date source of information that we have.
Help us help you!