Update for Wednesday, July 15th at 22:40

Dear Residents,
Unfortunately, the number of verified patients in Efrat is increasing.
As far as we know, there are currently 10 active patients in Efrat who live in the following neighborhoods: 2 in the Zayit, 4 in Dekel Gimmel, 2 in the Geffen, 1 in the Dagan, and another patient whose address is unknown to us.
Out of communal responsibility, Naftali Abramson from the Dagan has agreed to publish his name. Naftali has had no public contact in the past two weeks.

A different patient, who requested not to be named, is known to have been in the following places:

Sunday July 12:
15:00-16:00  - Pizzeria Efrat (sitting outside)
18:00- 18:20  - Ladies & Gentlemen Salon on Pitum HaKetoret.
19:00-19:15  - Pri Li, the makolet near Park HaAssor.

Monday July 13:
12:45-13:00  - Meuchedet.

Anyone who was in these places at these times is asked to enter into isolation. Please contact the Ministry of Health call center 5400 * for individual instructions.

We wish all patients a complete recovery.

At this stage in dealing with the coronavirus, the residents are the most important source of information that we have. We do receive daily data from the Ministry of Health and from the Home Front Command, but this is general data that does not include the patient's name, family situation, or medical condition. The only way we can help residents who are ill and inform those who may have been exposed is if those who have been diagnosed report to the Moked or the Neighborhood Teams.

We understand that the Ministry of Health is under great strain, and our ability to investigate each case, identify the patient’s route, and inform those who may have been exposed is now critical to stopping the spread of the virus.
The city of Beitar Illit is no longer under lockdown, and all the workers in the education system returned to Efrat today. We welcome their return and we wish them good health.

Residents, we are in the midst of the second wave of the virus. We face many difficulties, including a rise in the number of infections, loss of control over the sources of infection, a difficult financial situation and uncertainty about the future.
We can get rid of the virus if we receive current information about new patients and act quickly to isolate those who may have been exposed.
Please remember the importance of social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing hands.

We can succeed by working together.

We will continue to update,
The Public information team.