Daily update for Tuesday

The school year is already on the horizon and in addition to the preparations and excitement that accompanies the start of each year, this year there are added guidelines, restrictions and concerns due to the coronavirus.
In the coming days we will deal with various issues regarding the preparation of the education system - transportation, ganim, schools, resilience, and more.
If there are issues that concern you, we will try to provide the most accurate and correct information here.

The outline of returning to school as published by the Ministry of Education is as follows:
Ganim - 6 days a week
Grades 1-2 - at least 5 days a week, from Sundays - Thursdays, without splitting the classes, while taking precautions and maintaining good hygiene.
Grades 3-12: Classes in student groups of up to 18 students per class, in a combined framework of in-school learning and distance learning.
Tzaharon - We are waiting for the latest changes to be announced. A separate publication will be released in the coming days.

The individual educational institutions will soon convey their specific plans to the parents and students.

Council employees together with the education and teaching staff in the ganim, schools, and community center are working to have a safe and successful year!

We will keep you updated