Daily Update for September 3rd

Dear Residents,

Out of a desire to stop the chain of infection and prevent unnecessary isolation, the Tal family has agreed to publish the names of the sick students:

Uri Tal, from kita ו 4 (Orit is the teacher) at Aseh Chayil
Shahar Tal, from kita ז2 (David Azulai is the teacher) from Derech Avot.

We thank them for agreeing to reveal their names, and we wish them a complete recovery.
Uri and Shachar did not participate in any youth group activities.
The Ministry of Health has completed the epidemiological investigation and is now informing the students who were in direct contact with them.
In order to continue the procedure with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, a request was sent by the Derech Avot school staff to the parents of 7th grade students to check if their son was in close contact with the patients (more than 15 minutes at a distance of less than 2 meters)
Once the data is received we will pass it on to the Ministry of Education for further instructions.

We will continue to update you,
The Public information Team