Update regarding new patients Monday 25 Elul 14.9 at 19:00

Update regarding new patients Monday 25 Elul 14.9 at 19:00
Dear residents,
During the day, we were updated that there are 6 new patients in Efrat , some of them students in educational institutions.
3 in the Zayit neighborhood, 1 in the Tamar neighborhood, 1 in the Hagefen neighborhood, and 1 in the Dekel neighborhood.
Total patients currently in Efrat: 22
One of the students who was found positive for the Corona virus is a fifth grader from Orot Etzion Boys School.
After talks with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, it appears that the entire 5th grade will enter full isolation until Wednesday, 6th of Tishrei , 22.9.
In addition, because the student uses the transportation system on a daily basis and not regular transportation, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education all school transportation students must enter isolation.
In light of this, the school will be closed from tomorrow 15.9 until further notice, In accordance with national guidelines regarding closure.
*Students and teachers who are subject to the obligation of isolation and corona testing, will be sent an email from the school and from the Ministry of Health*
The rest of the students and staff will start isolation as of tomorrow for the entire Rosh Hashanah holiday.
At Aseh Chayil one of the school staff members was also found to be positive for the virus and therefore:
Grade 6 in full isolation until 24.9.
Since the staff member also attended another 2 more classes in the school , but only for a short period of time, the students in these classes must be in preventive isolation , meaning not to come to the school and avoid staying in a populated areas :
Grade 6 English speakers
Grade 5 who are taught by , teachers Maayan Tzafdia and Eden Evers until and including 8th of Tishrei, 24.9
Arranged notices will be sent to all parents of those students from both schools.
After thorough Interrogation of those residents who were found positive today for the virus, these are the following public places that they could have affected:
10/9 between the hours of 17: 00-18: 00 Super Deal and the Palm Branches.
8/9 at 18:10 Line 367 from the palm grove in Efrat.
To Cinema City in Jerusalem.
9/9 at 11:50 Line 367 from Jerusalem to Efrat.
10/9 at 20:10 Line 377 from the Musibat Hadkalim in Efrat to Jerusalem.
The resident does not remember the location of her seat on the bus.
Residents who were in these places on the specified dates are asked to contact the Ministry of Health and receive specific instructions regarding the need for isolation.
Following the patients in the education system today, more than 200 children are being isolated.
Their isolation period will include Rosh Hashanah and is not a simple challenge for children and their families.
We remind you that we are here for you and ask again to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health
We will keep you updated,
Efrat Public information team