New Patient Update for Tuesday, September 15th at 18:20

New Patient Update for Tuesday, September 15th at 18:20
Dear Residents,
There are currently 25 verified patients in Efrat.
Continuing the update from yesterday, a student from the ה’1 at the Orot Etzion Boys' school who has been diagnosed, and according to the decision of the Ministries of Health and Education, the entire 5th grade went into isolation until September 22nd
Because the issue of transportation is complicated, the school sent a letter from the Ministry of Health to each family regarding the students who need to isolate because they rode the bus.
A student from ז’4 from Orot Etzion Boys School has also tested positive for Corona, and the 7th grade must also go into isolation until September 23rd.
Some 8th grade students also developed symptoms of the disease today. Therefore the 8th graders have been asked to enter into preventative isolation until test results have been received.
Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, Orot Etzion Boys' School will be open for 4th grade and 6th grade, as well as for special education classes in all grades.
Parents who wish to keep their children at home these days should act at their discretion while maintaining contact with the teachers.
Students in grades 5, 7, and 8 will continue with distance learning.
Additionally, the teacher of ב’6 in the Orot Etzion Chativa Tzeira has tested positive. According to the instructions of the Health Commissioner in the Ministry of Education, the students of ב’6 and א’1 must go into isolation until September 27th (Erev Yom Kippur).
Other teachers from this division who were in contact with the educator have been updated privately.
We are in difficult times,
The level of morbidity is rising and we are approaching the lockdown that is supposed to interrupt the chains of infection.
If we obey the guidelines and adhere to the rules of isolation and social distance despite the difficulty and frustration, we will be successful!
We will keep you updated,
The Public Information Team