New Patient Update, Tuesday September 15th at 21:30

New Patient Update, Tuesday September 15th at 21:30
Unfortunately, more residents have received positive diagnoses tonight.
We thank the families who have agreed to reveal their names in order to assist in the effort to cut off the chain of infection.
The Berkowitz family from the Zayit neighborhood:
Gideon and Amitai (twins) - were in the Maayan Mechina and at Tzaharon Besor on Monday, September 14th.
Tzaharon Basor includes the following ganim: Maayan, Tavor and Besor.
The students traveled by bus, and therefore students from the Mechinot Yitav, Yuval, and Maayan who travel by bus in the afternoon are required to enter isolation until September 27th.
They also participated in the Matnas football chug for Kindergarteners. Details will be sent to the chug participants individually.
Kalev - a student in ה’1 at Orot Etzion Boys. He was in school yesterday, September 14th, and therefore the 5th grade students are required to extend their isolation until September 27th.
Kalev also participated in the 5th grade Elitzur basketball chug on September 10th.
In addition, he participated in Ezra in the Nirim group last Shabbat, September 12th.
Those in attendance are asked to enter into isolation until September 26th.
Liana Berkowitz, ב’6 in the chativa tziera of Orot Etzion.
The class went into isolation today when the teacher was diagnosed.
Liana was at school yesterday, September 14, so the students of the class must extend their isolation until Yom Kippur, September 28.
Liana participated in the following chugim:
On September 13th, Zumba in the Zayit Matnas from 17:00- 18:00
On September 14th, gymnastics in the Zayit Matnas from 16:00-17:00 In the Snunit and Mango Group.
Parents of students in these chugim are asked to contact the Ministry of Health's *5400 hotline for personal instructions.
The father of the family and the twins visited the Zayit Makolet on September 11 at 13:30.
The rest of their contacts were contacted individually.
All the children in the family who were tested this morning have been found to be positive and asymptomatic.
Again we thank the parents for their consent to publish their names and their routes. On behalf of all the residents of Efrat, we wish them and all the patients a complete and speedy recovery.
Parents, we are asking you again to be aware of the symptoms, and we ask that anyone who is tested should remain in isolation until results are received. .
We will keep you updated,
The Public Information Team