Tuesday, September 15th at 23:15

Tuesday, September 15th at 23:15
In the last few hours we have been informed of a rotating gan assistant who has tested positive. An investigation conducted by the District Commissioner for Health at the Ministry of Education has revealed that there are several ganim in Efrat that have been exposed to the assistant, and the children and the gan staff are asked to enter the isolation:
Gan Dolev children until September 22nd
Gan HaRoeh children until September 25th
Gan Maayan children until September 28th
The assistant was present in Gan Dolev on September 8th.
She was present in Gan HaRoeh on September 10th and 11th.
If a child was not present in Gan on these days, he or she does not need to go into isolation.
The two students from Gan Maayan who have been diagnosed traveled on the mechina and the Gan Hever bus, therefore those busses will not run until after the lockdown.
Tzaharon Dolev will also not open.
We will continue to update as needed,
The Public Information Team