Daily Update, September 16th 18:30 - Instructions and Information Prior to Closure

Daily Update, September 16th 18:30 - Instructions and Information Prior to Closure
Dear Residents,
There are currently 32 verified patients in Efrat.
The patient routes have been investigated, and personal contacts have been notified.
The following is a list of public places where patients have been:
September 9th - the 382 bus from Jerusalem to Tzomet HaGush at 14:00.
September 10th - The 44 bus from Zayit in Efrat to Tzomet HaGush at 11:00
The passenger wore a mask, but does not remember exactly where they sat.
The Ministry of Health investigations regarding all the incidents with sick students have been completed. Orot Etzion students received a notice from the school about what action must be taken.
Students traveling on the following busses are required to enter isolation:
Orot Etzion Boys and Girls, Chativa Tzeira, and Orot Yehuda: Students traveling by bus departing at 7:00 from Rimon via Te’ena-Geffen-Netzach Yerushalayim, and students in the 5th - 8th grades of Orot Etzion Banim who take the return afternoon bus to the Dekel 1-Geffen-Te’ena-Rimon and Tamar must enter isolation until September 23rd.
Mechinot Yitav, Yuval and Maayan who take the afternoon bus to Dekel III, Tamar and Zayit must isolate until September 28th.
Regarding the patient from the 5th grade Shevet Nirim in Ezra - after a conversation with the Ministry of Health, it was clarified that the kids who were at the activity on Monday, September 7th must enter the isolation until September 21st, because there were refreshments and because part of the activity took place in a closed space.
The 5th grade basketball team, the mango group in gymnastics, and 7th-9th grade Krav Maga must all go into isolation according to the Ministry of Health. A detailed message was sent out by the Matnas.
We reiterate that the Ministry of Health guidelines require anyone who has been with a verified patient to go into isolation. In case of doubt, call the Ministry of Health at *5400 to get instructions.
The government has decided that educational institutions will be closed starting tomorrow, and learning will take place remotely according to the schools' plans. Students and their parents will receive information from the schools.
Special education classes will operate as usual. After Rosh Hashanah, the special education system will continue to operate in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.
Because of the continued spread of Corona, a country wide closure will begin on Friday, September 18, at 14:00.
We have compiled a list of helpful information here:
Garbage removal will happen on Thursday as usual. An additional collection will be done on Friday starting at 5:00 in the morning.
The next garbage collection will be on Monday after the holiday. Please help us to keep the garbage areas clean.
Entry of Workers:
On Friday September 18th, workers must leave Efrat by 13:00.
Workers will not be permitted to enter on Erev Yom Kippur.
We have not yet received instructions about the other days. We will publish this information when we receive it.
Shaar HaBiyar will be closed to pedestrian walkers during the holiday.
Women's mikvahs are open as usual.
For information about Men's mikvahs please see the following link: http://www.efrat.muni.il/?CategoryID=1128&ArticleID=2226
Public Transport-
Erev Rosh Hashanah, September 18th - The municipal, intercity, and train service will operate as on a normal Friday, even after 14:00.
Motzei Rosh Hashanah, September 20th - There will be no intercity busses at all.
Sunday - Thursday: All bus lines will operate from 5:00 to 22:00 only.
Friday, Erev Yom Kippur and Erev Sukkot: There will be no intercity busses at all.
We will keep you updated,
The Public Information Team